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"Hello, Fellow Gannonites..."

Ah, the early days. This is a photo from the 1975 edition of the Gannon Lance (that was something known as a "Yearbook") showing several WERG staffers posing in our glitzy Zurn Basement studios. Those that remember... know. Otherwise, use your imagination; you won't be far off. Back then, WERG broadcast at 89.1-FM with an astonishing 10 watts of flamethrowing power. That enabled reception throughout... most of downtown Erie and up to East 38th Street if tropospheric conditions in the atmosphere were favorable.

We're looking-back at more than 50 years of broadcasting as we prepare to Celebrate Gannon on Friday, April 19. We'll be live on-location from just outside the Yehl Alumni Room in the Waldron Campus Center from 1-3pm.

Also... "Hello, fellow Gannonites." You can hear Steve Buscemi saying it, coming down to do an airshift with a t-shirt that says "Radio Station" while holding two sets of headphones...

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