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Super Soul Saturday

Super Soul Saturday has been a part of WERG Radio for more than forty years.  What started out as a student involvement project has evolved to a valuable community resource providing alternative music, information, and entertainment not available elsewhere on the radio dial.

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In 1979, A.J. Miceli, chairman of the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts at Gannon University, was approached by Bobby "K" Kaigler about the possibility of joining Homer "Lee" Smith's Saturday show on WERG.  Soon, James "Jim Christopher" Eaton was added to form what became the nucleus of Super Soul Saturday.  Other dedicated volunteers joined, and Super Soul gradually became a fixture on WERG's weekend schedule. 

The "Hall of Fame" of Super Soul Saturday personalities include many familiar names to long-time listeners.  Winston "Sony" Ellis (1975) worked at WUFO and WKBW in Buffalo, NY.  Dion Clarke (1975), at television stations in both New York City and Atlanta.  Steve Collins (1975) was heard on radio stations WRIE and K-104 here in Erie, PA before leaving to work at KDIA and KBLX in San Francisco and Berkeley, California.  Ken Darby (1976) worked with several television stations in Florida; Harry Hairston (1977) was on WQLN radio and both WSEE and WICU television before joining the Fox Television Network in Detroit, Michigan. James "Jim Christopher" Eaton was on many local radio stations, including WQLN, WEYZ, WLVU, and Classy 100.  Many members of the Super Soul staff were affiliated with Q-1400 (WBLQ) in the mid-eighties, including Homer "Lee" Smith, Bobby K, Timmie Mack, Danny "Mr. J" Jones,  The Captain, John "Chilly J" Norton, and Dorothy Smith. 

The late Mike Carbone (Mike West) joined Super Soul Saturday after working with and producing Mix Shows and re-mixing music for WBLK-FM in Buffalo, NY and CING-FM in Toronto. Mike West was awarded Top Mix DJ in the US in 1990 by the Westwood One Radio Network after winning their nationwide Club Mix Competition. 

From those early years, the present Super Soul Saturday program has expanded into a block format consisting of music (R&B, Gospel, Classic Soul, Blues, Jazz, Rap, Club, House, and Hip Hop), public service, and community-oriented information.

Super Soul Saturday airs for thirty-three hours every weekend, from midnight Saturday until 9am Sunday morning from Gannon University on 90.5 WERG.

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