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General Manager - Nicolis Franz

Nicolis is a senior Digital Media Major. Involved with 90.5 WERG during his entire time at Gannon University, he is the co-creator and host of the CBI award-winning show The VIP: an entertainment and media talk show that can be heard Wednesday nights from 6-8pm. He is also the creator, writer, and director of The Curse of Turner Hotel, an IBS award-winning radio drama with a choose-your-own-adventure aspect.

Program Director - Camryn Grey

Camryn is a senior pre-med/math major.  She is responsible for scheduling all of the shows and content you hear on 90.5 WERG, Camryn also oversees the training of all new personnel on-air.  Want to get involved with 90.5 WERG?  She is the person to contact!

Music Director - Andy Drew

A senior medical lab science/philosophy major, Andy researches music trends to curate not only the Tuesday Top 30 each week, but also our entire overall sound.  Have a music suggestion?  Shoot Andy an e-mail!

Social Media Director - Madi Maurice

Production Director - Robert Fox

Robert is a junior who is majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, with minors in Philosophy and Entrepreneurship.  He also writes, records, and mixes music of his own, right from home.  If your organization at Gannon wants to promote an event (in either Erie or Ruskin), he's the guy to contact!

Sports Director - Erik Konwinski

Erik is a junior who is planning on transferring into our digital media major.  Erik played hockey throughout high school, so if you want to talk NHL or the Otters with him, tune-in for the Prime Tine Sports Guys every Thursday evening and shoot him a message on Twitter @PTSG_werg!  (Please keep him from talking about the Lions, Redwings, and Tigers the whole show...)

Promotions Director - Veronica Kowalski

Veronica is finishing-up her master’s degree in Health Communications at Gannon.  Part of the 90.5 WERG family through her undergrad career, Veronica was our Social Media manager for three years, and is excited to return to the management staff as our Promotions Director for Fall 2020!

Secretary - Abbey Ritchie

Working towards her master's degree in Health Communications, Abbey's voice has been a mainstay on 90.5 WERG throughout her undergrad years in both morning and afternoon drive.  She is influential in keeping the lines of communication open for the station's entire staff!  

Underwriting Coordinator - Deb Carlson

After earning her Master's degree at Gannon, Deb relocated to Pittsburgh but still services our underwriting accounts.  If you are interested in sponsoring WERG, we can acknowledge your product or service on-air, and provide additional value to you through our website and social media outlets.  Contact Deb for details!

Operations Manager - Chet LaPrice

Chet brings three decades of broadcast experience to the WERG airwaves.  After earning his undergrad degree in Electronic Media here at Gannon in 1992, Chet worked in commercial radio for fifteen years--most of them at WXTA Country 98 (now 97-9 Nash-FM) hosting the midday show, and serving as Production Director and Music Director.  Chet returned to Gannon in 2002 to oversee operations at WERG radio.  He earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 2011 and is also a national board member of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System.

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