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2024 Duda Awards

Today, the School of Communication and the Arts (SCA) held our annual SCA Soiree. It's a way for our students, faculty, and staff to look back at all of the wonderful content creation that transpired over the academic year (see the post "What a Year!" for some examples from 90.5 WERG).

For the radio station, the annual Duda Awards are named in honor of WERG's former chief engineer, the late Dr. John Duda. The photo shows John in his natural element: surrounded by wires, parts, gadgets, and meters of all shapes and varieties. John was the kind of teacher every student hopes to find: a kind, caring person who loves sharing their knowledge. And for Radio/TV Engineering (HB-340 in the old course catalogues), Dr. Duda wrote the book... literally (it is 572 pages long and none of it is filler).

The winners of the 2024 90.5 WERG Duda Awards:

Deb Carlson WERG M.V.P. Award - - Trevor Kubeja

Best Sonic Sunrise Show - - Madeline Emerson

Best Solo Airshift - - Roman Straub

Best Off-Air Contribution - - Khoi Huynh

Best Afternoon Drive - - Jordyn Seidler

Best Non-Music Content - - Brianna Barr

Rookie of the Year - - Adam Kanterman

Peter McNabb Spirit Award - - Jem Neumann

The 2024-25 student managers were also announced:

General Manager: Khoi Huynh (Fall); Madeline Emerson (Spring)

Program Director: Milo Terry

Music Director: Anna Skinner

News Director: Jordan Baird

Production Director: Brianna Barr

Social Media & Promotions Director: Andrew Lupejkis

Sports Director: Bryce Dolak

Congratulations to all on another amazing year!

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