Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Mid Mike West ‘ERG

Tom Barton

Mike West
2am Beary Clark
“The Maleman”
Natalie Richmond
“DJ Nilla”
5am Sonic Sunrise Sonic Sunrise Sonic Sunrise Sonic Sunrise Sonic Sunrise Charmalene Ulmer
6am Good Morning Gospel
with Dorothy Smith
7am Chris Wrobel Cheryl Jong
Vanessa Cherry
Becca Dambach
Abby Coppock
Ted Hallowell Ashley Dolnack
Nick Tabar
8am Timmy Mack
9am Festa Italiana  Chet Price Girbran Smith Chet Price Chet Price Lauren Loop
11am Chet Price Chet Price Chet Price Chet Price Lauren Loop
12pm Potencia Latina
with Mario Medina
Lee Smith
1pm  Megan Hamm & Abby Zupan; Myriah Burns & Dan Kaigler Kelli Kallenborn; Jake Kosterman Jeremy Powers; Adam Cervera & Bianca Morris Kyle Rodewald & Zach Hymanl; Dominic Sansone
3pm The Polka Party
with Major Mel,
Jim Kucharski,
and Happy Kenny
Sweet T.
4pm Tom Barton Vanessa Cherry Sam Griswold Jess Ridge & Becca Dambach Taylor Wolff
5pm Chilly J
and The Captain
6pm DJNick (Nick Tabar) The Tuesday Top Thirty
with @TheTedHallowell
Leah Johnson & Morgan Krupp The Prime Time Sports Guys Adam Miller & Aaron Mook
7pm United Methodist
8pm Lincoln/Planetary Jazz Electric
with Mr. J
9pm Joe & Luna Koch Maddie Boucher  Erika Krenn Fazed Cookies
with Michael
 Ashley Dolnack The Electric Circuit
with Mike and TJ
11pm Mike West

Wake up with Sonic Sunrise! 5-9am weekdays, all the rock you need to get you motivated to face the day.

WERG plays the best rock on the radio, all day and all night.

The Tuesday Top Thirty: every Tuesday at 6pm.

Fazed Cookies with Michael is a deep track and Indie show that brings local talent to the studio. Live and local, every Wednesday from 9pm-midnight.

The Prime Time Sports Guys: Thursdays from 6-9pm

The Electric Circuit: Matisflex and Mavs bring you the freshest Dubstep and remix show, Fridays 9pm-midnight.


The Right Choice, Left on the Dial: 90.5 WERG!