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Flashback Friday: Pure Nonsense

For a brief spell back in 1989-1990, the adventures (and misadventures) of what went on backstage at WERG Radio were depicted, after a fashion, in comic strip form. Tales would make their way up from the depths of the Zurn Science Center basement to the clean pages of the Gannon Knight, the weekly student newspaper. It has been suggested that these stories may have had part of their literary genesis through some version of events that were alluded to have possibly happened, depicted by characters who were amalgamations of actual WERG staffers back in the day. Or so we were told, second-hand. In any event, the trash can depicted above actually existed. It is a myth, however, that anybody ever even tried to use it as a hiding space. It was dangerous to be within five feet of it, as anyone from that era can attest.

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