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Home Away From Home

One of my big dreams growing up and even today is to eventually be able to live in the heart of New York City. Which is one of the many reasons why I’ve looked forward to going to the IBS Conference every single year. Beyond the honor of having WERG nominated for so many awards over so many other college radio stations, I feel right at home when I’m in New York City.

Everywhere you go, it seems like there’s always something new and unique to do in the city. One of my favorite moments from IBS this year was going to a local ramen shop. Not a chain restaurant, or some highly acclaimed restaurant that’s only been prominent in the city itself: Just a very nice local restaurant that didn’t really have a massive reputation. And there’s so many stores, restaurants, and people with stories that it’d almost be impossible to discover everything. I had the same vibe when our group went to see Aladdin on Broadway: so many people around us speaking so many different languages, all here with their own stories and their own reasons for seeing this show.

Being at the IBS Conference itself also brings its own experiences. Some fun, some bizarre, some informative. But seeing so many people come together with the same passion and love for a medium like radio is always a joy to see.

Most bizarre for me personally was having one of my promos nominated for best show promo. The original, movie trailer-eqsue VIP promo I created last September was considered one of the best show promos of the year. That’s something I still can’t entirely fathom. Being part of radio was already something I never expected going to Gannon, but having one of my first big promos as Production Director getting nominated? That’s insane.

Seeing our station win a few awards this year was also a joy to see. Hearing Uzuri Wa Africa, our international show, win best Specialty Show was especially exciting. I think it’s so cool to watch a show that only just started last September grow into something so big for the station already.

Anyone who knows me probably knows the highlight for me every time I go to New York City is going to the Nintendo Store near Rockefeller Center. I absolutely love Nintendo, from its games to the company to the people that run it. It has essentially become a regular tradition for me to go there every single year for IBS. I feel like a kid every time I walk in there, seeing so much from the company and being surrounded by people from all over who love Nintendo just as much as I do.

In a lot of ways, you could say the Nintendo Store is like my true home away from home! And I think most anyone at the station could agree to that sentiment.

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