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A Lifetime of Memories at WERG

With my final semester at Gannon University beginning, I’ve started to reflect upon the memories I made on this campus, most of which were made in 90.5 WERG’s radio station.

Let’s flashback to the fall semester of 2015. I was an incoming freshman in the undeclared program looking for a career path that best suited my interests. My first ever college class was Introduction to Electronic Media taught by the legendary AJ Miceli. In this class, we talked about the history of broadcasting and discussed how ratings and shares worked. It was in this class that I discovered my love for the communications profession. Also, this was the class where I met two of my very good friends, Molly Cooke and Lauren Sovisky.

However, it wasn’t until a year later that I would begin becoming involved with clubs and organizations on Gannon’s campus. The first organization being 90.5 WERG. During class, Cooke and Sovisky revealed they had an airshift and were always planning and talking about their show. Thus, one day, I decided why not ask Cooke and Sovisky if I can watch their show and check out the radio station? They welcomed me with open arms. As they opened the doors to the station, I automatically felt at home. Seeing the students working diligently on the computers creating new promos and liners, stepping into the sauna box of the whisper room, and the sounds of alternative rock music playing in the background, I knew that I found my niche.

The following semester in spring of 2017, Cooke, Sovisky, and I decided to have an air shift together. I was nervous and anxious. I have watched them perform and run the equipment, but I had never done it. For our first show, Cooke told me to hop into the chair to run the audio board. It was both a nerve-wrecking, yet exciting moment. Our first talk break was approaching, and my palms were sweating. However, Cooke and Sovisky calmed and helped me through the process. As we completed our talk break, I realized that it wasn’t that bad, and it was as if I was just talking to them normally. I didn’t even realize I was talking to an audience. Over the weeks, I became more confident and comfortable with the audio board and talking. The next step was to decide upon a name for our show. Since there was three of us and we were always together, the name “The Three Musketeers” stuck. We were a dynamic trio whose talk breaks were hilarious, engaging, and entertaining.

After getting my feet wet at the station, I decided I wanted to become more involve. After the encouragement from Cooke, I decided to apply for secretary at 90.5 WERG. In fall 2017, I was given the position (and still hold it to this day!). As secretary,

I am responsible for taking notes from management meetings and then organizing and sending them to the rest of the staff. Also, I ensure that the entire staff is up-to-date on things, such as meeting times/locations, live remotes WERG is participating in, service projects, sending out reminder emails, as well as keeping everyone’s contact information accurate. It is a small, but important position in the station. As the station’s secretary, I have built friendships and attained real world experience at 90.5 WERG.

Over the next year, I held many air shifts in the fall and spring semesters, as well as over the summer. Most of these radio shifts I held with my best friend and Gannon graduate, Emma Maxted. I introduced Maxted to everything I knew about radio! Emma and I would talk about trends, pop culture, local events, and jokes on our shows. We would even finish each other’s sentences on air. Over the summer in 2018, we had our final radio show together as she left to pursue her career in business. However, we are determined to one day again get back on the air reminding you what national holiday you should be celebrating today!

As the end of 2018 summer rolled around that meant my final year of college has arrived. It is exciting and terrifying all at once. I knew one thing: I want to have the best final year possible. Thus, I decided to become even more involved at 90.5 WERG. In September 2018, I was given the honor of being the station’s promotions director. The job entails me planning our events, maintaining contact with campus clubs and organizations, organize giveaways for contests, completing live remotes, as well as keeping 90.5 WERG visible to the campus and Erie community. This management position has allowed me to feel more confident in my abilities, and has assisted me in developing important skills for future jobs. This past semester I participated in live remotes for Gannon’s Igknight Activities Fair with Brian Bowersox and Amy Benkovich and for Gannon’s Senior Salute with Allan Collins. Also, I have had the opportunity to arrange ticket giveaways for our listeners to see the Erie Philharmonic, Gannon’s Schuster Theatre productions, or notable artists, such as The Knocks and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness. My best memories so far this school year have involved me learning how to fulfil the promotions director responsibilities, while also engaging with the staff of 90.5 WERG and the Erie community.

As my final semester at Gannon has officially started, I want to ensure it is the best. And what better way to go out then recreating how it started? Thus, “The Three Musketeers” are returning for one final semester together on Wednesdays 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. It will be an opportunity to truly share and recall our memories over these past few years.

As I finish writing this blog, I am glad I am reflecting upon these moments I had within the radio station. I have met some of my greatest and bestest friends through the radio station. It is a place where I can be myself and have fun with friends while gaining real world experience. I am thankful for the lifetime of memories, opportunities, and experiences made at 90.5 WERG.

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