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Introducing our New Sunday Programs

In what has been a few months of researching and listening, WERG has decided to mix up our Sunday Programs.

Introducing: Radio Curious. Barry Vogel, the host and producer of the show has made a mission of going out and finding people to help answer questions about life and ideas. Each week is a new episode finding a completely new topic ranging from world history, film, sports, or a collection of over 30 other categories. Every episode is 30 minutes and since he has over 700 episodes archived, there is a surplus of entertainment to watch for hours. Catch Radio Curious every Sunday at 8:30. Be sure to check out their website at

Also joining WERG, Tell Us A Tale. Every week tune in to hear stories and fables from all around the world. A cast creates vivid worlds with voices and sound effects to thrust you into the setting of the stories. Every week 2 - 3 stories will be read along with some songs from various artists from all over the world. Tune in for some bedtime stories at 9:30 every Sunday on WERG.

As a station, we are excited to be able to bring these new programs to you and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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