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Meet our Staff!

It’s a new year, which means we have a brand-new staff here at WERG. We are made up of students young and old, from all different majors, and each of us do our part to bring you your favorite station on the radio.

First and foremost is our General Manager. Without her, there would be no WERG. She makes sure everything runs smoothly and that everything is accounted for. She is none other than Ms. Molly Cooke. Not only is Molly our GM, but she is also our programs director. She is a senior Theater-Communications major and can always be found at either the radio station or at the theater.

Next, we have Justin Karns, our Music Director. He may be quiet at first, but Justin is not only great at his job but just a great person in general. He helps build our playlists by keeping up to date on the newest music and bringing us the best rock on the radio. Justin is a junior Communication Arts major, and you can hear him on the air Wednesdays at 6-9 with our next director Paige!

Paige is in charge of news. She is a junior Journalism major and is in charge of facilitating our news segments on the air as well as acting as our liaison with the Gannon Knight. We love having her as part of our team, and she never fails to act as the comic relief.

Who would know how to work the board or talk on air without a Training Director? Good thing we have Brian to teach us! Brian is a junior Communications major and is very involved at Gannon’s Schuster theater. You can hear Brian on the air for our daily morning talk show, Sonic Sunrise. Brian takes his turn on Fridays bringing you sports and news updates as well as some of his own content.

You know who else is on Sonic Sunrise? Our Specialty Show Producer Amy Benkovich. Her and I are on the air Monday mornings giving you what we like to call Cam and Amy in the AM. Amy is a sophomore Secondary Education major and is in charge of making sure our specialty shows run smoothly such as Radio Roulette. Radio Roulette is on every Friday night 9-12 where two of our DJs get to choose their favorite music to play on the radio. She has also just recently created a new talk show called VIP on WERG alongside another of our staff, Nic. This show brings you entertainment news from music, movies, to tv.

Speaking of Nic, he is our Production’s Manager. He is a sophomore Digital Media major. Not only is he on the VIP every Monday at 6, but he also has his own air shift on Thursday afternoons. Nic and Amy created the VIP show together, and Nic has had a big part in making promotions for the station.

That brings us to our Promotions Director/Secretary Abbey. If there’s one word to describe her, it would be bubbly. She is a senior Communication Arts major and helps make sure everything runs smoothly and is in order at the station. She can be heard on the air on Friday afternoons with our GM Molly.

Then there’s Veronica, one of our Social Media Directors. She takes control over our Facebook and Twitter. She is senior Journalism major and is also involved with the Gannon Knight.

What’s a radio station without sports? Our Sports Director is senior Matt Fassnacht. He also has a Sonic Sunrise on Thursdays and is also a part of our talk show the Prime Time Sports Guys. He also writes for sports for the Knight

And then there’s me, Camryn Grey, sophomore Pre-Med/ Math major. I am the Social Media Director, bringing you the WERG Blog and our Instagram account. Stay tuned here to see what’s new and exciting at the station!

That’s our staff! Tune in to 90.5 for some awesome music, and if you’re interested in being a part of what we do, stop on into the station. We welcome everyone with open arms and are excited to expand our WERG family. Here’s to a great year and a great radio station!

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