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Who Will Be the Official Mascot of WERG?

A few weeks ago, the application for next year's management staff was sent out. Any student interested in being a manager, or assistant to a management position, must fill out the application. The student must state which position he/she is interested in, ranking each in order (if applying for more than one), and explain why he/she is interested in the position(s).

Our news director, Paige Groff, got Peter McLamb (Lammy for short) so that Peter McNabb would have a friend at the station and wouldn't be alone anymore. But recently, some of Peter McNabb's fans have grown to love Lammy a little more and think he should be the mascot of the station.

Molly, our general manager, created and added Station Mascot as a position on the management application. Paige and Molly decided that would be best way to decide who our official mascot would be is to have each fill out his own management application, and then let the people decide!

The following is from Peter McNabb's application:

"I have spent over 400 days, 24/7, in the station. No one knows the space better than I.

It has come to my attention that I now have been required to apply for a position that I’ve held with the utmost devotion this past year and a half. Now, I do not argue. No one should be held as superior over another, regardless of their popularity and astounding good looks.

Mascot has been a position I’ve held with fierce dignity and pride, even after losing to my owner of origin for the role as general manager. You may be asking, why not just re-apply for general manager? Well, leadership should be left in the hands of someone who can much more effectively lead and command, and most importantly has hands. She supports me in my endeavors, as I do hers. Back to the business on the table, mascot. Why should I represent the image of WERG?

First of all, my experience with the position should put me atop the list. As well as the countless laughs I’ve received from the staff, including our adviser and operations manager. Second of all, we are a rock alternative station. I’m a rather jovial looking skull, but you don’t forget that we’re still tough like rock. My competitor, whom I will not speak the name of, is much too soft and sweet. Perhaps, they are more suited for a classy or children’s station, but I digress. I mean no ill will. Imagine me on the back of a leather jacket. We will intimidate the competition out of our way.

But this doesn’t mean I can’t be fun and cute. That’s why I like to dress up for the holidays. I’ve included an image of me this Easter. Shows my softer side. I would dishonor the name of 90.5 WERG and Peter McNabb if I wasn’t a dynamic, multifaceted entertainer. At WERG, we want to showcase only the most variety and passion, and that’s my middle name. Peter Passion McNabb.

There is a reason an award at the Duda’s is called the Peter McNabb Award.

I am the visual representation of our spirit."

The following is from Lammy's application:

"I am cute and lovable. These are important characteristics of a mascot. I am applying to be the new station mascot. I have been Peter McNabb's assistant for the last few weeks and believe I am ready to take on the role myself. Peter has taught me a lot about what it takes to be a mascot and I believe I have what it take to be the new mascot.

In the few weeks that I have been here, I feel that my acceptation has gone very well. Everyone in the station seems to like me, and we have created a game of hide and seek, where different people hide me for others to find me in strange places in the station.

I think I will bring a fresh take to the job of mascot. I love WERG and would be honored to be a part of the management staff."

Please go to our Twitter @905wergfm to cast your vote for who should be the station mascot.

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