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90.5 WERG is on the air 24/7/365.  During the week, you'll hear a great mix of new modern and indie rock from the likes of The Black Keys, Of Monsters and Men, Panic at the Disco, The 1975, Hozier, Florence & the Machine, Twenty-One Pilots, Alice Merton, and Bastille; heritage alternative tracks from such names as R.E.M., The Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, and Oasis; and some old-school new wave for good measure--New Order, Depeche Mode, INXS, and The Cure.  It all adds-up to the best rock on the radio!

Sonic Sunrise

Weekdays 5-9am


All the rock you need to get you motivated to face the day!  Plus, updates from NBC NewsRadio and Erie News Now at the top and bottom of the hour; Sports at :15 and :45; and information features throughout the morning...

5:20  Consumer Reports

5:50  Money Matters

6:20  NBC Entertainment Report

6:50  HealthBeat

7:20  Profile America

7:50  Tech Round-Up

8:20  The Indie Film Minute

8:50  NBC Entertainment Report (update)

Uzuri Wa Africa

Mondays 8-10pm

The literal translation from Swahili is "The Beauty of Africa."  Hosted by Sidney Oyatta as Gannon University's global students play tunes from their home countries, and discuss their cultures, customs, and geography.  Music--it brings us all together.

* Intercollegiate Broadcasting System 2019 National Winner: Best Variety Program

The Tuesday Top 30

Tuesdays 6-9pm

Andy counts-down the best rock on the radio every week!  Plus flashbacks from years gone by, artist spotlights, and more.

The V.I.P. on WERG

Wednesdays 6-8pm

Movies--Television--Gaming--Music--Marvel vs. DC!  Get in on the discussion with Nic and Lily every Wednesday evening.  You have a front-row seat whenever you tune-in.

* College Broadcasters, Inc. 2019 National Award Finalist for Best General Entertainment Program

Fazed Cookies

Wednesdays 9pm-Midnight

All the sounds that may have missed your ear.  B-sides, rarities, album cuts, and live performances in-studio from local talent, every Wednesday night with Michael.

The Prime Time Sports Guys

Thursdays 6-9pm

From the Gannon Golden Knights to the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Matt and the PTSG crew have it covered every Thursday evening.

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WERG News Updates

Researched, compiled, edited, produced, and presented by the WERG news staff with the services of NBC NewsRadio, Erie News Now, and other sources where cited.

WERG Sports Updates

Produced daily by the WERG sports staff utilizing the services of NBC NewsRadio

Monday-Friday at approximately 12:30pm and 4:30pm

Indie Film Minute

Reviews of lesser-known but interesting indie films worth viewing.
Three new titles are featured every week.  Not in theaters--discovery through rental!


Monday-Friday at approximately 1:30am, 8:20am, 1:30pm, 6:30pm, and 11:30pm (90 seconds; new weekly)

Profile America

Vignettes highlighting key events, observances, or commemorations of cultural relevance in America.  Recent airings spotlighted such diverse topics as the first Native American senator, the end of Prohibition, the invention of chewing gum, and the establishment of baseball’s “designated hitter” rule. 

Monday-Friday at approximately 2:30am, 7:20am, 11:30am, 5:30pm, and 9:30pm (60 seconds; new daily)

Current Cast

Water issues affect everyone and everything in the Great Lakes and surrounding watersheds: including environmentalists, boaters, beach-goers, clean-water activists, swimmers, fishermen, wildlife--all of us!

Monday-Friday at approximately 3:30am, 9:30am, 7:30pm (60 seconds; new daily)

"Consumer Affairs" Daily Minute

A one-minute daily wrap-up of the day's top consumer news, because everyone deserves to make smart decisions.

Monday-Friday at approximately 5:20am, 2:30pm, and 10:30pm (60 seconds; new daily)


Locally-produced once a month, and hosted by Dr. Tony Snow and Kathy Iorio, Wellsville strives to inspire and empower everybody to learn, embrace, and actively practice optimal health in mind and body.

Airs randomly throughout the week (90 seconds; new monthly)

Unpackin' It! daily minute

A look at a currently trending sports topic from a faith-based perspective.  Bryce presents a new thought to ponder every week!

Airs randomly throughout the week. (60 seconds; new weekly)

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Midnight Saturday - 9am Sunday


A mainstay on WERG’s line-up for over four decades!  Thirty-three hours of rhythm & blues, hip-hop, Motown, Gospel, and many other strong sounds.  Lee Smith, Timmy Mac, Mike West, Sweet T, Chilly J, The Captain, The Maleman, and the entire Super Soul staff invite you to listen!

Festa Italiana

Sundays 9am-Noon

Potencia Latina

Sundays Noon-3pm

Polkaland Radio Network

Join Jim Kucharski, Kenny Olowin, & our DJ's for four hours of the finest in polka music from the past & present!  Also simulcast on the Polka Jammer Network

Services from the First United Methodist Church of Erie

Sundays 7pm

The radio broadcast of the Sunday worship service, from our neighbors at 707 Sassafras Street.  


Lincoln Radio Journal

Sundays 8pm

Hosted by Lowman Henry ’75, Journal features news and commentary about various issues impacting the Commonwealth.  Plug-into the pulse of Pennsylvania every Sunday evening.

Radio Curious

Sundays 8:30pm

Barry Vogel, host and producer, started Radio Curious in 1991, as a way to interview interesting people  on a curiously wide array of topics about Life and Ideas.  

Planetary Radio

Sundays 9pm

Matt Kaplan of The Planetary Society interviews scientists and astronomers about everything related to the night sky.  It’s a show about life, the universe, and everything!

Tell Us a Tale

​Sundays 9:30pm

Offering stories, tales and tunes collected from six of the seven continents (still working on Antarctica), this show appeals to listeners of all ages. So whether you are three years old getting an allowance, waiting tables in college, or drawing a pension, gather 'round the radio each Sunday night at 9:30 for Tell Us A Tale!

Unpackin' It!

Sundays 10pm


A unique sports-talk show, discussed through a faith-based perspective.  Bryce Johnson interview athletes, recaps the week in sports, and offers unique insights.  Sports talk with a purpose!

The Reason for Our Hope

Sundays 11pm

Inspiring sermons from Fr. Larry Richards, every Sunday night on Gannon Radio.


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