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The Best Rock on the Radio.


90.5 WERG is on the air 24/7/365.  During the week, you'll hear a great mix of new modern and indie rock from the likes of The Black Keys, Of Monsters and Men, Florence and the Machine, The Killers, The 1975, Alice Merton, and Twenty-One Pilots; heritage alternative tracks from such names as R.E.M., The Foo Fighters, Soundgarden, and Oasis; and some old-school new-wave for good measure--New Order, Depeche Mode, INXS, and The Cure.  Put together, they're the best sounds that will come out of your radio.

Sonic Sunrise

Weekday Mornings:

5 am - 9 am

All the rock you need to get you motivated to face the day!

Plus, updates from NBC NewsRadio and Erie News Now at the top and bottom of each hour;

Sports Updates at :15 and :45 (a quarter-past and a quarter-to);

Information features throughout the morning:

5:20  Consumer Reports                                   5:50  Money Matters

6:20  The Entertainment Report                       6:50  HealthBeat

7:20  Profile America                                         7:50  The Tech Round-Up

8:20  Indie Film Minute                                     8:50  The Entertainment Report

The Tuesday Top 30


6 pm - 9 pm

All of the best rock on the radio, all in one place!  Catch-up on any new tracks you might have missed, check-out some great artist spotlights, and reminisce as we flashback with previous hits on the WERG charts--five, ten, twenty, and thirty years ago!

Hosted by Andy.

The new chart is posted every week under the "Music" tab.

The Prime-Time Sports Guys


6 pm - 9 pm

From the Gannon Golden Knights to the Las Vegas Golden Knights, Trevor and the PTSG crew have it covered every Thursday evening.

Hosted by Trevor Kubeja.

Follow them on Twitter and join-in the conversation!

Radio Roulette


9 pm - Midnight

One minute, it's classic Country.  Then, showtunes and instrumentals...followed by a set of K-Pop and 80's rock.  It's all in the hands and imaginations of the hosts every week.  The creativity is in the curation...and you never know what you're gonna get! 

Hosted by ...?


90.5 WERG News Updates

90.5 WERG

Researched, compiled, edited, produced, and presented by the 90.5 WERG news staff woth the services of NBC NewsRadio, Erie News Now, and other sources when cited.

Weekday mornings during Sonic Sunrise; also at Noon, 4 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm

Weekend wrap-up Sunday nights at 10pm

Continuing coverage overnights at the top of the hour

90.5 WERG Sports Updates

90.5 WERG

Produced daily by the 90.5 WERG sports staff, utilizing the services of NBC NewsRadio.

Weekday mornings during Sonic Sunrise, with updates at approximately 12:30pm, 4:30pm, and 5:30pm

The Indie Film Minute

90.5 WERG

Reviews of lesser-known but interesting indie films worth viewing.  Three new titles are presented every week.  You won't find them in theatres--it's discovery through rental and streaming!

Weekday mornings at 8:20am during Sonic Sunrise; also at approximately 1:30am, 1:30pm, 6:30pm, and 11:30pm (90 seconds; new weekly)

Profile America

90.5 WERG

Vignettes highlighting key events, observances, or commemorations of cultural relevance in America.  Recent airings spotlighted such diverse topics as the first Native American senator, the end of Prohibition, the invention of chewing gum, and the establishment of baseball’s “designated hitter” rule.

Weekday mornings at 7:20am during Sonic Sunrise; also at approximately 2:30am, 11:30am, 4:20pm, and 9:30pm (60 seconds; new daily)

Consumer Affairs Daily Minute

90.5 WERG

A one-minute daily wrap-up of the day's top consumer news, because everyone deserves to make smart decisions.  Hosted by Mark Huffman.

Weekday mornings at 5:20am during Sonic Sunrise; also at approximately 9:30am, 2:30pm, 5:50pm, and 10:30pm (60 seconds; new daily)


Super Soul Saturday

Midnight Saturday through

9 am Sunday

A mainstay on WERG’s line-up for over four decades!  Thirty-three hours of rhythm & blues, hip-hop, Motown, Gospel, and many other strong sounds.  Lee Smith, Timmy Mac, Mike West, Sweet T, Chilly J, The Captain, The Maleman, and the entire Super Soul staff invite you to listen!

*Intercollegiate Broadcasting System 2020 Top-Five National Finalist: Best Community Show

Festa Italiana


9 am to Noon

Potencia Latina


Noon to 3 pm

Three hours of the best of today's and yesterday's Spanish hit music from all over the world--including salsa, merengue, bachata, and more!

Hosted by Eddie Ocasio



3 pm to 7 pm

Join Jim Kucharski, Kenny Olowin, & our DJ's for four hours of the finest in polka music from the past & present!  Also simulcast on the Polka Jammer Network.

Services from the First United Methodist Church of Erie


7 pm

The radio broadcast of the Sunday worship service, from our neighbors at 707 Sassafras Street. 

Lincoln Radio Journal


8 pm

Hosted by Lowman Henry (Gannon Class of ’75), Journal features news and commentary about various issues impacting the Commonwealth.  Plug-into the pulse of Pennsylvania every Sunday evening.

Radio Curious


8:30 pm

Barry Vogel, host and producer, started Radio Curious in 1991 as a way to interview interesting people on a curiously wide array of topics about Life and Ideas. 

Planetary Radio


9 pm

Matt Kaplan of The Planetary Society interviews scientists and astronomers about what's up with the night sky.  It’s a show about life, the universe, and everything!

Tell Us a Tale


9:30 pm

Offering stories, tales and tunes collected from six of the seven continents (still working on Antarctica), this show appeals to listeners of all ages. So whether you are three years old getting an allowance, waiting tables in college, or drawing a pension, gather 'round the radio each Sunday night at 9:30 for Tell Us A Tale.

Big Picture Science


10 pm

Produced at the SETI Institute, this show provides a fun way to draw surprising connections between the latest science and technology research to help give us The Big Picture.  Leading researchers, techies, and journalists join astronomer Seth Shostak and science journalist Molly Bentley each week to provide a smart and humorous take on emerging scientific research.

The Reason for Our Hope


11 pm

Inspiring sermons from Fr. Larry Richards, every Sunday night on Gannon Radio.

Radio Drama from 90.5 WERG!  Listen to the trilogy of The Miserable Curse of the Turners here...

The Curse of Turner Hotel on 90.5 WERG
The Melancholic Fall of Mr. Turner on 90.5 WERG
The Curse of Misery's Dominion on 90.5 WERG