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The History of WERG Radio:
The Seventies


Known as The Fine 89, this was the era of "The Little Station That Could!"  10 watts of power, serving Gannon College and the surrounding blocks of downtown Erie at 89.1 on the FM dial from the depths of the Zurn Science Center.  After the power increase was authorized in 1977, what was then called G-89 moved to 89.9-FM and could be heard throughout the city.  The jocks would sometimes get calls from listeners in Southern Ontario!  


With a transition to New Wave by the start of the decade, Energy-FM 90 was a powerhouse of alternative rock and rode the grunge revolution through the nineties.  


National recognition came in 2014 when 90.5 WERG was named the best college radio station in the country.  That same year was the big move from the Walker Building into the brand new Center for Communication and the Arts at West 7th and Peach Street on the GU campus.

The Scrapbook

From across the decades...clippings from the Gannon Knight, the Gannon Lance, and our friends in Erie media!

WERG Takes Manhattan

Our adventures in The Big Apple over the years at the annual media conferences of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System.

WERG Today

Dedicated student leadership and consistent content creation has led to another "Best Station in America" finish in 2021.  90.5 WERG continues to serve Gannon University and northwest Pennsylvania.  Wake-up early with Sonic Sunrise,  enjoy the best rock on the radio, the Tuesday Top 30, the Prime Time Sports Guys, Super Soul Saturday, and more.  90.5 WERG - - The Right Choice, Left on the Dial!


Now from Gannon University, you are listening to "The Choice FM"!  Using the moniker Rock 89, WERG offered up a consistent schedule of rock music during the week and Super Soul Saturday every evening.  By the end of the decade, there were CD players in the Zurn basement studios and a crystal-clear FM stereo signal. 


When an audio stream was added, Gannon Radio went global!  Then came the move out of the recesses of the Zurn Science Center basement into shiny new street-level studios in the Walker Building at the east end of the Gannon campus.  With the move to a new dial position and signal that could now be heard throughout the entire tri-state region and beyond, the station went back to its call letter roots and was now 90.5 WERG.

Live on Location

90.5 WERG broadcasts live from events all over the Gannon campus and beyond!

Former Station Logos

50 Years of Gannon Radio logos and marketing!

Studio Shots

Check out our tech!

Our Alumni

Doing their thing as content creators across the globe...Gannon got them there!

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