It’s been quite an exciting year for us here at Gannon University.  In March, WERG was named the best college station in America at the annual Intercollegiate Broadcasting System conference, up in Manhattan.  In April, we received a grant from the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters that will enable us to enhance our digital production workstations.  And now, we’re getting ready to move!

The WERG studios are getting a new home on the Gannon campus: the second floor of the brand-new Center for Communication and the Arts, located at 700 Peach Street.  All-new facilities and equipment:  to enhance both our service to the University and Erie community; and to provide a dynamic, industry-standard learning environment for our students.  Because of the heavy lifting and re-wiring, there will be interruptions in our programming over the next month.  We’ll go on and off the air, and our webstream will be down at times.  Please bear with us through our growing pains.  We appreciate your patience, and by the start of the Fall semester, we’ll be ready to go: broadcasting from our brand-new studios at 700 Peach.  For over 40 years, the right choice left on the dial has been Gannon Radio: 90.5 WERG!

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